The FAA Bill is not a compromise - it's a rollback of workers rights. Watch the videos below to learn why.

Larry Cohen: FAA Bill Attacks Workers

House Republican Leadership wants to rewrite decades of longstanding labor law in a flash by inserting an unrelated labor provision in an aviation safety & security bill, without notice, hearing, or debate.


Veda Shook: The FAA Bill is No Compromise

Radical anti-union members of Congress want to rewrite the Railway Labor Act and change the role of the National Mediation Board -- without debate or discussion.  These changes are "no compromise."

Aug 18, 2011

CWA Files ULP Charges as Verizon Fails to Bargain in Good Faith

With the strike at Verizon now in its 13th day, 45,000 members of CWA and IBEW remain determined to stay out as long as it takes to get the company to bargain in good faith with their union bargaining teams. Read More

Aug 18, 2011

As Verizon Strike Continues, Workers’ Struggle Gains Support Nationwide

Tens of thousands of working Americans, other unions, students, civil rights, religious, and community groups have joined union members' fight to get Verizon to bargain in good faith. More than 150,000 people so far have signed CWA's online petition, urging Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam to stop union-busting and negotiate fairly. Read More

Aug 17, 2011

Verizon owes success to its union workers | The News Journal

Patti Sexton - Verizon is not Wisconsin. It is not broke. Verizon's blatant attempt at union busting must be stopped. Read More

Aug 17, 2011


Thomas Guariano - I know plenty of Verizon workers who are faced with this loss of a paycheck and these are hard-working, decent family men with wives and children counting on them each. Read More

Aug 17, 2011

Workers, retirees cheated as Verizon CEO gets $18M | Asbury Park Press

Susan Dulong: Retired Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg annually received $18 million in compensation - yes, that's annually - and he is not alone. Most CEOs take these kinds of salaries/benefits out of their companies. Is it any wonder that there is a recession? Read More

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