What Working Families Want

What Do Working Families Want?

Letter from CWA President Chris Shelton: This issue focuses on what working families want today: Good jobs in our communities, health care, safe workplaces, retirement security and the right to join together in a union. 

UC Letters

Tech Workers Challenge University of California Offshoring

IT employees at UCSF confronted the Board of Regents over a plan to offshore their jobs to India. This is the beginning of an offshoring scheme in a university system that receives taxpayer funding.

CWA Members Take on Wall Street

CWA Members Take on Wall Street

Our national campaign to fight back against Wall Street greed is heating up. Goals include: End Too-Big-To-Fail (break up the big banks); End Tax Exemptions for Huge CEO Bonuses; End Predatory Lending.

CWA News: Elections Are About Choices

Elections are About Choices

There’s a big difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, especially when it comes to the issues that matter to working families. 

Compare the candidates’ records on:

  • wages and workers’ rights
  • fair trade
  • the economy
  • women’s issues
  • veterans
  • and more
CWA News: Reclaiming Our Economy & Democracy

Standing Together, One Day Longer

CWA is in some tough fights.

The good news is that we’re a union where members have each other’s backs.

That’s how we know we can take on greedy employers and the 1 percent, and win. 

CWA News Spring 2016

NJ Governor Vetoes Leah's Law

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed “Leah’s Law,” endangering thousands of child welfare workers who are engaged in some of the most dangerous work in the state.

The bipartisan legislation was named for CWA Local 1038 member Leah Coleman who was stabbed more than 20 times by a deranged client in November 2014. The brutal attack, which nearly cost Leah her life, occurred just days after the Christie administration made the cost-cutting decision to pull all police officers out of New Jersey Department of Children and Families (DCF) offices. Without security or metal detectors, the client walked into the building with a nine-inch kitchen knife in broad daylight. Thankfully, two CWA caseworkers were able to tackle and subdue the assailant, while three HPAE nurses treated Leah’s wounds until the ambulance arrived.

Wall Street Greed Hits Workers' Wages

Real wages for working people (adjusted for inflation) have stagnated over the past 40 years. As CWA members, we've done better than that, but like all working families, we're up against the greed of Wall Street and the 1 percent. It's the financialization of our economy, and it's bad for working families and bad for our communities.

Workers' wages and productivity used to rise together. Since 1973, the gains from worker productivity started going, mainly into the pockets of company CEOs and Wall Street investors.