Our #1 priority: jobs

At CWA, our number one priority is jobs standing up for our members and creating good jobs for all. Americans want good quality jobs that provide for them and their family. We must take strong action to help restore job security and opportunity and to reaffirm the American dream.

Support Middle Class Workers

Feb 26, 2015

Workers Take Fight to Wisconsin Capitol

Thousands of CWAers and union activists rallied at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, as the state legislature and Gov. Scott Walker (R) stepped up their assault on workers' rights. Read More

Feb 19, 2015

A Multitude Rally in WVa Against Cut to State Prevailing Wage, Right-to-Work Bills

As many as 2,000 workers trudged through a foot of snow, wind and blistering cold on Monday to speak out against anti-worker bills under consideration by the WV legislature. Read More

Feb 12, 2015

Cohen Proposes a Citizens Tribunal to Settle Trade Disputes

CWA President Cohen warns the nation to be vigilant, to fight back and to write to their Members of Congress to tell them to vote No on Fast Track for the TPP. Read More

Feb 5, 2015

It’s Really ‘Right-to-Work’ for Less

Misguided politicians and their Big Business backers are pushing "right-to-work" legislation in Missouri, New Mexico, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Illinois. They make bold claims that it's the cure-all to protect workers, improve jobs, attract business and boost the overall economy. Read More

Dec 4, 2014

Stand Up for Our Jobs, Environment and Public Health

Join labor, environmental, family farm, consumer, faith, human rights and community organizations as we rally to drag the TPP out of the shadows on Monday, December 8. Read More

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