Our #1 priority: jobs

At CWA, our number one priority is jobs standing up for our members and creating good jobs for all. Americans want good quality jobs that provide for them and their family. We must take strong action to help restore job security and opportunity and to reaffirm the American dream.

Support Middle Class Workers

Jan 21, 2016

West Virginia Right-to-Work Update

The West Virginia Senate, by a 17-16 party line vote, approved the "right to work for less" bill today. Read More

Jan 7, 2016

IUE-CWA’s Lean Manufacturing Campaign Saves U.S. Jobs

Members of IUE-CWA Local 83761 working at GE's Appliance Park in Kentucky have taken on the threat to their jobs first hand. Read More

Jan 7, 2016

CWA Local 1298 Stands with Activists Over New Haven Jobs Crisis

CWA activists and community activists carried out a march and sit-down protest over the city's job crisis. Read More

Jan 7, 2016

TPP Update

There is a special TPP Town Hall Call Set for Jan. 13. Read More

Dec 10, 2015

CWA Files Objections to Altice-Cablevision Deal

CWA has filed official objections with the Federal Communications Commission over the proposed sale of Cablevision to Dutch company Altice. Read More

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