Voices of Our Movement

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CWA Members: Voices of Our Movement

Aug 7, 2014

Public Workers Team Up in Texas

The 2014 CWA Public, Healthcare & Education Workers Conference brought 110 activists from around the country to San Antonio for a weekend of organizing, movement building and rallying against bad trade deals. Read More

Aug 7, 2014

Movement Building

A grassroots coalition delivered thousands of petitions to five city governments in New Jersey this week, kicking off a campaign to put earned paid sick leave on ballots in November. Read More

Jul 31, 2014

Middle Class Americans Taking a Battering Even as Wealthiest Families Soar

Despite increasing productivity gains, middle class and working class Americans are not seeing any rewards from their work and efforts. In fact, they are losing ground as their economic well-being continues to decline. Read More

Jul 31, 2014

Check Out This Cartoon

Upworthy and the AFL-CIO picked up on this terrific cartoon by cartoonist Barry Deutsch, on why some confused people think workers don't need unions. Read More

Jul 31, 2014

Movement Building Update

The General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board ruled this week that the overall McDonald's USA corporation could also be held liable, along with individual franchise owners, for violations of wage laws and working conditions. Read More