Voices of Our Movement

Listen to CWA members from around the country as they share their personal stories about why they are building our movement then add your story! Click here.

CWA Members: Voices of Our Movement

Feb 4, 2016

Sanders Wows Iowa, On to New Hampshire

CWA activists are staffing phone banks, walking their precincts and doing what it takes to support Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for the Democratic nomination for President. Read More

Feb 4, 2016

Movement Building Update

CWA members joined hundreds of other activists outside the state Capitol in Michigan to protest the lead-poisoned water. Read More

Jan 14, 2016

Four Reasons Why Wall Street Should Be Fearing The Bern

CWA President Chris Shelton asks: Are big bankers quaking in their Ferragamo loafers? Read More

Dec 17, 2015

CWA Endorses Sen. Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

Citing the need for a candidate who will break with politics-as-usual and fight for America's working people, CWA voted today to endorse U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the 2016 race for President of the United States. With 700,000 members, CWA is one of the largest unions in the U.S. Read More

Dec 10, 2015

Democracy Initiative Sets 2016 Course

The Democracy Initiative's 58 endorsing organizations this week adopted a strategic action plan for 2016, calling for a major grassroots mobilization and setting a national innovative strategy for joint action to build a democracy where the voice of every American is heard and counted, with a government that is of, by and for the people. Read More

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