Next Generation Summit

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Next Generation Summit in Pittsburgh

Jun 14, 2014

Next Generation Lead Activists Get Intensive Training in St. Louis

CWA Next Generation Lead Activists met for a two-day training in St. Louis. Read More

May 20, 2014

Attention CWA Women Aged 35 & Under: Summit Scholarships

Apply now for a scholarship to attend the CWA Next Generation Summit! Read More

Apr 22, 2014

Join the CWA Next Generation in Pittsburgh This Summer!

Do you want to learn from some of the most creative activists in the economic and social justice movement, meet fellow young union members and experienced member-mentors from around the country, and develop mobilization skills to put into action in your area? Then come to the CWA Next Generation Summit this summer in Pittsburgh! Read More

Apr 25, 2013

Strengthening Our Next Generation

CWAs Next Generation initiative is developing the future leaders of the labor movement. Read More

May 24, 2012

Next Generation Activists Storm Minneapolis

Nearly 50 young workers taped dollar bills over their mouths, marched into a Wells Fargo lobby and laid down in front of the banks trademark stagecoach in protest. Read More