Stop Fast Track and the TPP

Remember NAFTA? We cannot allow a blockbuster free trade agreement to sail through Congress unchecked. Fast Track for the TPP would be bad for workers, the environment, our health, safety and democracy. Take Action

TPP: Shipping jobs away

Dec 18, 2014

Groups Tell President Obama to Bring Fairness to the TPP Agreement

Last week, organizations signed a letter warning President Obama that the TPP directly undermines the sustainability of U.S. health programs. Read More

Dec 11, 2014

Protests Beset TPP Negotiations

CWAers joined hundreds of activists from labor, environmental, consumer, human rights, public health, Internet freedom, faith and family farm groups in a week of protests outside the office of the United States Trade Representative against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal under negotiation inside. Read More

Dec 4, 2014

Emergency Meeting on Fighting Fast Track for TPP

Rep. Rosa DeLauro sounded the alarm yesterday: A bill calling on Congress to give up its right to review the proposed TPP trade deal is sure to come early next year. Read More

Dec 4, 2014

We Need Trade Policies That Export Our Values, Not Our Jobs

Congress has, repeatedly and in a bipartisan fashion, called on the Obama Administration to address human and labor rights in the ongoing TPP negotiations. Read More

Dec 4, 2014

Stand Up for Our Jobs, Environment and Public Health

Join labor, environmental, family farm, consumer, faith, human rights and community organizations as we rally to drag the TPP out of the shadows on Monday, December 8. Read More

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