Stop Fast Track and the TPP

Remember NAFTA? We cannot allow a blockbuster free trade agreement to sail through Congress unchecked. Fast Track for the TPP would be bad for workers, the environment, our health, safety and democracy. Take Action

TPP: Shipping jobs away

Sep 11, 2014

TPP Update

In a strongly worded letter to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) this week, a diverse coalition of more than 550 groups firmly rejected the fast-track model of trade promotion authority and called for more public scrutiny of trade deals. Read More

Sep 4, 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership Update

CWAers and union activists in New York rally against fast track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More

Aug 21, 2014

CWA, Allies Enlist State Legislators in Fight Against TPP

CWA and allies held a training session in Minneapolis this week to spotlight how the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal threatens state initiatives and show state legislators what they can do about it. Read More

Aug 14, 2014

Opposition to TPP Grows Among Republicans

Even as an overwhelming majority of the Democratic Caucus has left no doubt they staunchly oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal currently under negotiation, Congressional Republicans are also saying there are parts of the proposed deal that don't work for them, either. Read More

Aug 7, 2014

San Antonio Public Forum: How to Stop TPP’s Attack on Texas’ Jobs, Communities

About 250 CWAers and allies came together in San Antonio to figure out ways to convince their elected representatives to oppose "fast track" and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More