Stop Fast Track and the TPP

Remember NAFTA? We cannot allow a blockbuster free trade agreement to sail through Congress unchecked. Fast Track for the TPP would be bad for workers, the environment, our health, safety and democracy. Take Action

TPP: Shipping jobs away

Feb 26, 2015

Is It Really China or Us?

Read CWA President Larry Cohen response to U.S Trade Representative's claim that if we don't negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with countries, like Vietnam and Malaysia, China will set the rules. Read More

Feb 26, 2015

Congressional Recess = Meetings on Fast Track

CWA activists and allies met with their members of Congress and staffs, and organized town hall meetings to push back against legislators who won't commit to stopping 'Fast Track' authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Read More

Feb 26, 2015

Reich Rallies Troops at AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting

Former Labor Sec. Robert Reich fired up a big crowd attending a rally in Atlanta on Tuesday, held in conjunction with the AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting. Read More

Feb 26, 2015

AFL-CIO: Today’s Trade Policies are Undermining Working People

The AFL-CIO called for a new direction for U.S. "trade promotion authority," also known as "Fast Track," one that ensures that Congress approves trading partners before negotiations begin, includes objectives that benefit all, not just multinational corporations, and gives Congress the ability to strip out provisions that fail to meet these objectives. Read More

Feb 19, 2015

Members of Congress, Home for Recess, Face Calls to Reject Fast Track for TPP

CWA activists and our coalition partners across the nation have one message for members of Congress back home on recess: Vote No on Fast Track Authority for trade deals. Read More

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