Stop Fast Track and the TPP

Remember NAFTA? We cannot allow a blockbuster free trade agreement to sail through Congress unchecked. Fast Track for the TPP would be bad for workers, the environment, our health, safety and democracy. Take Action

TPP: Shipping jobs away

Jun 25, 2015

Next Steps on Fast Track and TPP Fight

As expected, on Wednesday, the Senate approved Fast Track trade authority by a 60-38 vote. Separately, the House passed a bill extending Trade Adjustment Assistance for workers who lose their jobs because of trade; those bills were expected to get to the President's desk before Congress left town for its July 4 recess. Read More

Jun 25, 2015

Coalition of Activists Continued Fast Track Fight until Last Vote Counted

In the run-up to the U.S. Senate's vote this week on cloture for Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, CWA activists and grassroots partners across the country rallied in the districts and outside the offices of Democratic Senators, some of whom turned their back on working families. Read More

Jun 23, 2015

CWA Statement on Senate Cloture Vote on Fast Track Trade Authority

Today, a majority of Republicans and 13 Democratic senators showed beyond doubt that they're on the side of the 1 percent, not ordinary Americans, not working families and not U.S. communities. Read More

Jun 18, 2015

Breaking: House Leaders Pull Fast One on Fast Track

Today, House leadership used another gimmick to resurrect Fast Track. Read More

Jun 18, 2015

CWA: House Members Who Voted for Fast Track Have Misjudged the American People

Those members of the House of Representatives who voted for Fast Track trade authority today have seriously misjudged the voice and will of the American people. Read More

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