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Comprehensive health insurance and an adequate retirement plan are the cornerstones of financial stability and quality of life for all workers. At CWA, we fight to protect quality, affordable health care and secure retirement through bargaining and legislation.

But more and more these two fundamental protections are under assault by employers and the 1%.

Workers are being forced to pay more for health plans that deliver less coverage.

Many Americans can no longer count on  protection of an adequate retirement plan as well. Only 11% of workers are offered a retirement plan that delivers a guaranteed benefit in retirement. Over half of employees have no employer sponsored retirement program at all.

Medicare and Social Security, two of our most successful government programs, are constantly under attack by Wall Streeters who want to turn the programs into investment accounts. Their strategy would shift the risk of affording health care and retirement security to seniors.

CWA members must continue our work to preserve quality health and retirement plans and secure a healthy future for all workers. Information and resources are provided here to assist in those efforts.

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