Health Care & Retirement Security

Retirement Security

Retirement security is critical to the futures of all workers. But the system to deliver it is not even across the American economy; nearly half of employees have no employer sponsored retirement program at all. And less than 20% have the advantage of a defined benefit plan which delivers a guaranteed benefit in retirement. The rest must rely on 401k and other defined contribution plans to help them to save for their retirement. If their investments turn sour just before they retire, they will find themselves unable to retire or forced to curtail their expectations for their lives after a life of work.

Retirement benefits for CWA members run the same gamut as those of other American workers. While most still enjoy defined benefits, some have had to transition to other plans and others still seek to make significant improvements. CWA works with each bargaining unit to achieve the best outcomes we can in each case.

CWA fights for retirement security on multiple fronts.

  1. Through aggressive and innovative collective bargaining strategies
  2. Through high quality political representation in Washington and collaboration with the AFL-CIO and other unions and advocacy groups
  3. Through the political action by mobilized members at the state and local level
  4. Through vigorous action to protect health benefits for retired members on all fronts