Aug 28, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: August 28, 2014

President Cohen's Labor Day Message; Let's Make Labor Day Less About the End of Summer and More About Restoring Workers' Rights; Rebuilding the Middle Class Requires Reviving Strong Unions; National Women's Committee Report: It's Time for Paid Family Leave in the U.S; New Benefits for CWAers Through Union Plus & more.

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Aug 21, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: Aug. 21, 2014

Super Shuttle Drivers Move Closer to Justice; Bargaining Update; Peaceful Resistance in Ferguson; Nominate Young Women Workers for Berger-Marks Award; UCLA Professor Fined $10,000 for Death of Lab Worker; Bay News Rising Trains Next Generation of Journalists; CWA, Allies Enlist State Legislators in Fight Against TPP

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Aug 14, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: Aug. 14, 2014

CWA Vice President Responds to Tragedy in Ferguson, MO; Cohen Brings Message of Solidarity to Bakery Workers Union; Opposition to TPP Grows Among Republicans; CWA Remembers Joe Beirne, Our Founding President, Who Died on Labor Day 40 Years Ago; Flash Protest In Support of T-Mobile US Workers; Move Over Shark Week, It's Shirk Week; New York Times Reporter James Risen Wins the Guild's Freedom Award; Students' Stories on Homelessness Win 2014 Barr Awards; Bargaining Update; Nominate Young Women Workers for Berger Marks Award

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Aug 7, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: Aug. 7, 2014

Elections Matter; Locked Out Kellogg Workers to Return to Work; Judge Pressures Florida Lawmakers to Redraw Congressional Map; Bargaining Update; Black Lung Series Wins the Guild's Broun Award; Seeds of Border 'Humanitarian Crisis' Sown in Trade Deals; San Antonio Public Forum: How to Stop TPP's Attack on Texas' Jobs, Communities; Public Workers Team Up in Texas; Shared Services Agreements Make End Run Around FCC Rules; AFL-CIO: U.S. Trade Policies Leave Working People, Communities Behind; Movement Building Update; Political Action Update

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Jul 31, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: July 31, 2014

Organizing Update; New Executive Order Will Hold Federal Contractors Accountable for Workers' Rights, Wage and Workplace Violations; Middle Class Americans Taking a Battering Even as Wealthiest Families Soar; Moral Mondays Activists Come to the Nation's Capital to Fight for Health Care for the Poor; Reuters: Germany Set to Reject Canada-European Union Trade Deal; CWA Young Activists Hold Next Gen Summit; For Many Members, That Career Tonic is Just a Keyboard Away; Check Out This Cartoon; Texas Forum to Call on Congress to Stop TPP's Attack on Texan Jobs and Communities; What's the Latest on the Trans-Pacific Partnership?; Movement Building Update

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Jul 24, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: July 24, 2014

Cohen to APWU Members: U.S. Mail Not for Sale; Cohen's Challenge: Look Beyond Reforming the Senate and Save Democracy Itself; President Signs Historic LGBT Executive Order; Art By, For and About the Common Man; National Women's Committee Report: Sexual Assault in the Military; Feeling Nostalgic? Join us for Throwback Thursdays!; Beirne Scholarship Winners; Bargaining Update; Money in Politics Update: November Ballot Initiative in California

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Jul 17, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: July 17, 2014

Voting Rights Update: Judge Calls Out Florida Redistricting Conspiracy; Global Trade Deals Can No Longer Include Investor State Dispute Resolution; Heads Up: CWA's Telephone Town Hall is Tonight!; Movement Building: Iowa CWAers Join Community Group to Fight Corporate Polluters; Netroots Nation 2014; Detroit, Turn on the Water!; 50 Years Later, a Look Back at the Struggle for Civil and Human Rights; Bargaining Update; CWAer's Daughter Lifts Torch to Light the Way; VW Workers in Chattanooga Get Their Union; Movement Building: Pride@Work Wants T-Mobile to Stop Violating Workers Rights

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Jul 10, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: July 10, 2014

North Carolina Pre-season Political Boot Camp; Reid Vows Senate Rule Revisions to End Gridlock; House Members Push Back Against TPP Negotiators Gutting "Buy American" Policies; House Members Demand the Truth on Trade Data; T-Mobile Is A Two-Faced Union Buster; Union, Community Allies Support SuperShuttle Drivers; and more.

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Jul 3, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: July 3, 2014

Amazing Days in Berlin in the Fight for Workers' Rights at T-Mobile US; T-Mobile Investigated for Cheating Customers; T-Mobile Women to CEO: Rape Isn't Funny; Helping Ease the Path to Citizenship; CWA: Supreme Court Undermines the Ability of Direct Care Workers to Bargain Collectively; Texas CWAers Join Democratic State Convention; NABET-CWA Signs Major Sports Event Agreement with ABC; Contract Coverage Extends to ESPN; Three CWAers Run for State Legislature; Movement Building Update; Happy Independence Day!; Help Stop Discrimination – Become a CWA Human Rights Activist; CWA Union Plus Credit Card Benefits; Organizing Update; What Is This Communication Company Trying To Prevent Its Employees From Communicating?

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Jun 26, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: June 26, 2014

Supreme Court Decision Shows Urgent Need for Senate Rules Reform; Working Families at the White House; Cohen: Democracy Must Be Everyone's Second Issue; Senate Committee Hears Testimonies on Repairing the Voting Rights Act; It Ain't Over!; AT&T, DirectTV Face Congressional Hearing Double Header; TPP: A Worry for Communities of Color; TPP Update; NABET-CWA: Supreme Court Decision on Aereo Protects Jobs of Broadcast Industry Workers; Workers Rights Board Pledges to Stand with Denver SuperShuttle Drivers; T-Mobile's Foul-Mouthed, Trash-Talking CEO John Legere At It Again; We're Bringing TU Pride to Seattle

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Jun 19, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: June 19, 2014

No to ‘Boehner Trade’; 500 Stewards Protest Christie’s Pension Grab; Don't Miss Tonight's Telephone Town Hall; Kick Brunei Out of TPP Talks, Members of Congress Tell Administration; Shame: U.S. Ranks Among World's Worst Labor Violators; Too Much Media Consolidation; The New Soft Money; Movement Building; CWAer to Lead Pride at Work; U.S. Real Wages Fall; Canadian Guild Members Rally to Stop Funding Cuts; Safe Staffing Saves Lives; It's a Wide World of Sports for NABET-CWAERS; Bargaining Update

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Jun 12, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: June 12, 2014

Maine Guild Member Wins Emmy; Unions Sue to Stop Christie's Pension Fund Grab; 8th Grader Wins NY History Competition; IUE-CWAer Graduates as Morton Bahr Scholar; CWA's First Joint Human Rights Conference – Bonding Over Shared Goals; AFA-CWA Applauds Congress For Taking Action Against Norwegian Air Outsourcing Scheme; Eyes Wide Shut: Judge Slams Teachers, Deals Blow to Students; Bargaining Update; Bring T-Mobile's Human Rights Abuses Out of the Shadows; CWA: AT&T/DirecTV Merger Can Benefit Workers, Consumers; We're Back! Next CWA Telephone Town Hall is June 19; #GetMoneyOut

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Jun 5, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: June 5, 2014

A Democracy Movement to Shake the Country; TPP Update; Workers, Allies Take Their Fight to T-Mobile Annual Meeting; NABET-CWAers Use CWA App to Stand Up, Fight Back; AFA-CWA President Sara Nelson Joins CWA Executive Board; Bus Tour Spotlights Agenda to Strengthen Women Workers, Families; Privatization Triggers Race to the Bottom; Bargaining Update; Movement Building; BlueGreen Alliance Proposed EPA Limits are Starting Point on Climate Change, Keeping Good Jobs

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May 30, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: May 29, 2014

Democratic Caucus: TPP Must Lead to Improved Outcomes for All Workers; CEO Pay Is How Much?!; Cohen: 'We Need A Common Narrative'; Bargaining Update; Money in Politics Update; 'You'll Never Walk Alone'; TU-CWA Pride; CWA – There's An App For That; #StopTPP; Remembering Maya Angelou

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May 22, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: May 22, 2014

Working People Don't Need Boehner Trade; COHEN: Worldwide Labor Alliance Must Confront Virulent Anti-Union Efforts in U.S.; In Berlin: ver.di Members, International Union Activists Protest at Deutsche Telekom; U.S. Added to Watch List of the World's Worst Labor Violators; Truth to Power: Fired T-Mobile Workers Question CEO About Its U.S. Labor Practices; CWA Sues Christie on Pension Fund Grab; Movement Building Update; What Happened in the Basement?; CWA Statement on Proposed AT&T Acquisition of DirecTV; Macklemore. Really?; CWA – There's An App For That

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May 15, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: May 15, 2014

Breaking: Verizon Wireless Retail Store Workers in Brooklyn Vote CWA; Ras Baraka Wins Newark Mayoral Race; Bargaining Update; This Is Why We Said Give Us 5; Money in Politics Update; Movement Building Update; Second Anniversary of Colombia Trade Deal; Christie Forces Unfair Civil Service Overhaul; Are You On Twitter?

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May 8, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: May 8, 2014

Roundup from the Fair Trade Now Rally and the CWA Legislative-Political & Movement Building Conference; Latest news about the NLRB complaints against T-Mobile for its anti-worker attacks; CWA honored for transnational organizing.

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May 1, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: May 1, 2014

CWA Members Mourn the Dead, Fight for the Living on Workers Memorial Day; Judge Upholds CWA Workers' Right to Wear and Display Pro-Union Messages; Organizing Update; Movement Building; Standing Up for Retiree Health Care; Bargaining Update; At Senate Hearing: Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens Warns of Destructive Influence of Big Money in Politics; People To Follow

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Apr 24, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: Apr. 24, 2014

Status Report: What's Happening With TPP?; No Fast Track, No TPP; Fair Trade Rally: May 7; Standing Up for Retiree Health Care; What Are The Rights Of Employees In A Global Economy?; This Is What Fast Means; Bargaining Update; Capital in the 21st Century: An Eye-Opening Take on Wage Inequality; People To Follow; Make Your Voice Heard April 28

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Apr 17, 2014

CWA e-Newsletter: Apr. 17, 2014

Kaplan ESL Teachers Approve First Contract; NY Governor Signs National Popular Vote Bill; CEO Pay Is Out Of Control; Movement Building; Guild Members Shine As Winners of 2014 Pulitzers; CWA Tele Town Hall Call TONIGHT!; Apply For Morton Bahr Online Learning Scholarship; Round Up

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