2011 Top PAF Award Winners

CWA locals were once again generous in their support of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation [EGPAF] in 2011.  The EGPAF has been CWA’s Charity of Choice for more than 20 years and CWA locals have contributed almost $7 million.  As a member of the Foundation’s board, I can confirm how much our contributions are appreciated and what a difference they make.

Each local has a quota of one dollar per member per year.  Our overall quota in 2011 was $429,137.00.  Locals in total contributed $252,529.26 meeting 59  percent of the total quota.  Forty-six percent of locals contributed.  District 7 had the highest percentage of locals participating with 60 percent and their locals met 88 percent of their overall District quota.

A very special thanks to all of the locals that participated.  As in the past, we are honoring locals that went above and beyond.  Listed below is the winner of the Ariel Award, winners of the Hope Award, and locals that contributed more than 200 percent of their quota.  The Ariel Award is given to the local that  contributes the most dollars.  We also give out three Hope Awards to locals in one of three different membership levels whose contributions exceed their quotas by the highest percentage:  one award is given to a local with less than 100 members, another to a local with membership between 100 and 500, and the final award goes to the local with membership above 500.  Awards will be distributed at District meetings throughout the year.

Thank you again for all that you do to Fight for a Generation Free of Aids.  Let’s step up and make an even bigger difference in 2012.

Ariel Glaser Award Winner -- Local that Contributed Most Money

    CWA Local 1036

Hope Award Winners -- Locals with Highest Quota Percentage

    Category of Less than 100 Members -- CWA Local 83188
    Category of 100 to 500 Members -- CWA Local 7026
    Category of Membership Above 500 -- CWA Local 7803

Pyramid Winners -- Locals that Exceeded Quota by 200% or Above

    CWA Local 1152

    CWA Local 51017

    CWA Local 3122

    CWA Local 3517

    CWA Local 3904

    CWA Local 83709

    CWA Local 4326

    CWA Local 7032

    CWA Local 7115

    CWA Local 7272

    CWA Local 7601

    CWA Local 7716

    CWA Local 57411

    CWA Local 9410

    CWA Local 14807