2012 Election Update

After hard-fought campaigns in too-close-to-call elections, CWA-supported Democrats Krysten Sinema and Ami Bera took their first steps on Capitol Hill this week.

Both attended Congressional orientation meetings for newly elected members. But only Sinema, who will represent Arizona's 9th Congressional District, officially beat her opponent, Tea Party candidate Vernon Parker. In California's 7th Congressional District, Bera has widened his lead over GOP Rep. Dan Lungren, yet the race still remains unresolved.

Bera has told reporters that he's confident he will be in Washington all week. He is now 3,824 votes ahead, up from 1,1779 votes last week. "We have a great election protection team in place," Bera said, according to The Washington Post.

Sinema, who won by 6,000 votes, said her message on job creation really resonated with Arizona voters.

"My own family, my own life has been the struggle of making it to the middle class," she told ABC News. "This district is a very young district. We'll always be competitive. Folks will be making decisions on who has the best ideas."

CWA-supported television ads were especially effective in spotlighting the opposition of candidates to legislation to bring back good jobs to the United States. Watch the ads here.