416 Cingular Retail Sales Employees Go CWA in NY State

More than 400 Cingular Wireless sales employees working at 75 retail store locations throughout New York State gained CWA representation on Aug. 17 following a card check. A majority of the 416 workers, formerly employed by AT&T Wireless, turned in cards supporting union representation with CWA.

Organizing the company's retail sales employees is difficult because the workers are considered part of one statewide bargaining unit, but dozens of the former AT&T Wireless workers at the stores established a communications network that kept their co-workers informed and educated about the growing support for CWA representation among the workers.

The workers were assisted by CWA Locals 1101, 1118, 1122, and 1170, whose officers and members pitched in to help the Cingular employees get a voice in their jobs. They include Jimmy Trainor, Heather Trainor, Pam Galpern, Richie Meringlo, Keith Purce, Bryan Raymond, John Mudie, Gill Carey, Rachel Tetrault, Jim Wagner, John Pozdowski, Priscilla Colvin, Jeff Lacher and Patrick Welsh.

Earlier this month, former AT&T Wireless retail store workers in Rhode Island gained CWA representation.