Alcatel-Lucent: New Health Promotion - Stepping Into Health

To:  Alcatel-Lucent Local Presidents

The Joint Health Care Committee was recently given details of a new health promotion called Stepping Into Health which will begin on June 1.  A letter from David Birdsong, Senior Manager of Labor Benefits Provisions, can be found below.  Promotional materials are attached.

In Unity,

Martha Flagge
CWA Staff Representative


I am writing to let you know about the newest Health Promotion at Alcatel-Lucent called "Stepping into Health".  This program will run from June 1 - September 25, 2009.  This is a team competition that encourages employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight through increased physical activity.  U.S. union-represented employees are eligible to participate in this voluntary program (there is no fee to participate).  The program is sponsored by Health Services.

Program Highlights:
Registration begins on May 18 and continues through May 27, 2009.
The program will begin June 1 and end on September 25, 2009.
No entry fee required.
Teams may consist of 2-10 members.
Each team chooses a team captain and a team name.
Teams will log their team (aggregate) stepping miles (walking, jogging, or running) or bicycling miles.
Teams can be virtual – you can team up with colleagues at your location or other locations.
All program participants will receive a Stepping into Health case for an iPod, cell phone, MP3 player.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams.  Prizes will be awarded to each team member who completes the competition in the top three teams in each category.  A prize will also be awarded to each team member on the team with the most creative team name as decided by the Alcatel-Lucent Health Promotions team.

Stepping or Bicycling:
1st Place: $20.00 gift card.
2nd Place: $15.00 gift card.
3rd Place: $10.00 gift card.

Most Creative Team Name:
$10.00 gift card.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

David Birdsong
Senior Manager-Labor Benefits Provisions