At Shareholders' Meeting, AT&T Gets the CWA Message

AT&T_American Dream

CWAers fight for the American dream at AT&T's shareholder meeting.

A CWA newspaper ad.

District 9 AT&T

CWA Local 9431 rallies for good jobs at AT&T on May Day.

At the AT&T annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, shareholders heard a loud and clear message from CWA leaders and members: AT&T should be helping to "lead our economic recovery by continuing to provide good, middle class jobs. We are the network. We deserve a fair contract."

CWA Vice President Ralph Maly, telecommunications and technologies, spoke on behalf of CWA members negotiating new contracts at four AT&T operations. He told AT&T executives, management and shareholders that CWA members are greatly concerned that despite AT&T's position as the nation's biggest telecommunications company and its top 10 ranking among U.S. companies overall, workers are being told they must sacrifice more.

"We all want AT&T to succeed. CWA members and retirees certainly have a financial investment in AT&T's success. We also have the investment of our livelihoods, our families' well-being and our communities' continued growth. These aren't small things. These are the essence of what will sustain our country's economic recovery.

"Our economy won't recover through 'dollar store' jobs. Without good jobs, consumers won't be able to buy the quality services that AT&T offers.

"That speaks to the necessity of AT&T developing strategies to meet today's competitive and technological challenges head on. And it speaks to the necessity of AT&T management sustaining a real partnership with CWA and with the union workforce that has made it successful and that will continue to be the basis of its success," Maly said.

On the ground in Salt Lake City, members and retirees from CWA Local 7704 and other union supporters joined a rally before the meeting and handed out flyers, all wearing "We are the 99 percent" and "Where's The Fairness?" stickers.

Newspaper ads ran in several major AT&T markets, including Salt Lake City, calling on AT&T to negotiate a fair contract.

Bargaining and mobilizing continues at AT&T East, AT&T Midwest, AT&T Legacy and AT&T West. Bargaining will begin this summer for a new contract covering CWA District 3 members at AT&T Southeast.