Bargaining Update

Daily Beast members ratify contract, CenturyLink bargaining.

Daily Beast Unit Members Ratify Contract


Guild members at The Daily Beast online magazine voting to ratify a new contract.

After long, drawn out bargaining, members of the Daily Beast unit, TNG-CWA Local 31003, have ratified a new three-year contract, expiring June 1, 2017. The unit of 30 editorial workers presently includes writers, reporters, editors (text and photo), art designers, researchers, correspondents, and production (digital and video) at the online magazine. They were part of the Newsweek unit until that magazine was sold last year. This is the Daily Beast unit's first solo contract.


CenturyLink Bargaining

President Ken Saether and members of Local 7906 set up an informational picket in Eugene, Ore., as bargaining for a fair contract covering 50 CWAers continues.


Members of Local 7906 at an informational picket in Eugene, Ore., during contract bargaining.