CWA-TU Begins Bargaining

CWA newspaper ad about T-Mobile bargaining in Connecticut.

Bargaining continued for a first contract for 15 CWA-TU technicians at T-Mobile USA in Connecticut.

During bargaining, CWA Senior Director George Kohl stated, "We have been hard at work for 9 months and should be able to move forward, engage in significant dialogue and hopefully resolve some critical issues." 

But T-Mobile USA continues to stall negotiations, hiring lawyers and consultants whose mission is union avoidance. As bargaining got underway, CWA placed newspaper ads asking why Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile treats its German workers with respect and its U.S. workers with disdain.

In Germany, T-Mobile just negotiated a two-year agreement, which includes a 6.5 percent wage increase, with 50,000 workers and their union, ver.di; negotiations are continuing for T-Mobile Systems workers in Germany as well.