Ad Campaign Spotlights House Members Support for Call Center Bill

CWA has a radio ad buy on the air right now, supporting four members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are fighting to keep good customer service jobs in the United States. The ads thank U.S. Senate candidates Rep. Martin Heinrich (NM) and Rep. Tammy Baldwin (Wisc.), as well as U.S. House candidates Betty Sutton (Ohio-13) and Tim Bishop (NY-1).

"Big banks and corporations that have been bailed out by taxpayers are sending [call center] jobs overseas. Congressman Tim Bishop is as outraged as we are," one of the ads reads. Listen to the audio here.

The radio ad buy is part of CWA's larger campaign initiative to support members of Congress who want to keep good jobs in the U.S., and also to let the public know who's standing in the way of legislation to stop corporations from ripping off taxpayers and sending jobs overseas.

The campaign also will focus on grassroots actions, phone banking and other tactics; the CWA campaign will be active in at least 50 races nationwide.

In the House, more than 130 Members are supporting the bi-partisan bill, H.R. 3596.

And CWA Local 7777 has a great new video ad that focuses on offshoring by companies like Avaya. Watch it here.