CWA, Allies Call on White House to Prevent Chemical Disasters

CWA and 200 allies are urging President Barack Obama to use his executive power to "prevent the catastrophic release of extremely hazardous chemicals."

In a coalition letter, the groups point out that across the country, facilities using, storing or manufacturing highly toxic chemicals remain susceptible to terrorist attacks or accidents. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are 483 facilities in 43 states where such a chemical disaster would put at least 100,000 people at risk.

The Obama administration has repeatedly asked Congress for the authority to remove these risks by requiring companies to design and operate their facilities with safer chemical processes. But, Republicans in Congress have blocked these efforts. And thanks to the deep pockets of the chemical lobby, the legislation is going nowhere.

But now the Obama administration can take action. As early as next week, the president can use his authority to put these new protections in place through an amendment to the Clean Air Act.

CWA is joining Greenpeace, Sierra Club and others to advocate for the "Bhopal amendment," a general duty clause referencing a 1984 disastrous gas leak in India that killed thousands of people and disabled several thousand more.

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