CWA Cosponsors National COSH Conference

COSH Conference

CWA President Larry Cohen addresses 300 health and safety activists.

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health's Worker Safety and Health Conference last week brought together 300 activists to build a movement for worker safety and health.

The CWA-sponsored, two-day conference focused on what election results mean for workplace and environmental safety and health. A series of workshops focused on skills development. And participants — representing a wide range of labor, environmental, COSH, academic, and worker center organizations — shared information, experiences and strategies on key safety and health issues.

CWA President Larry Cohen delivered the keynote speech, touching on the decline of collective bargaining rights, filibuster reform, voter registration, Citizens United and extravagant CEO pay.

"Our job is to fire people up, build a mass movement of workers," he said.