CWA HEALTH CARE REFORM UPDATE: Premium Rates in State-based Insurance Exchanges

What will be the insurance plan rates on state-based Exchanges?

There will be four levels of coverage for plans on the exchanges (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum), and premium rates will vary depending on the coverage level. Premium rates will also vary by insurer, geographic region within the state, age of individuals, and possibly whether or not the individual is a smoker.

Only a handful of states have reported their 2014 rates on the state-based exchanges. States with Federally-Facilitated Exchanges will not likely report their rates until October 2013. The states reporting their rates include:

Range of Monthly Premium Rates for a Silver Plan in 2014*

State Individual Coverage Family Coverage
California** $222 - $476 Not Listed
Colorado+ $240 - $659 Not Listed
New York $320 - $636 $910 - $1,812
Oregon** $221 - $339 Not Listed
Vermont+ $440 - $442 $1,237 - $1,242
Washington, DC**+ $247 - $312 Not Listed








* Silver plans have an actuarial value of 70%. Rates vary by insurer, geographic region within the state, and age of individuals. Rates listed do not include any federal subsidies.
** Preliminary, average rates.
+ For a 40 year-old nonsmoker.

More details on these rates available at: California; Colorado; New York; Oregon; Vermont; Washington, DC.