CWA Local 1170 - First Frontier Bargaining Negotiations of 2011

Local 1170 members in Rochester, NY are on the frontlines as the first local in the nation to begin bargaining agreement talks with Frontier in 2011. President John Pusloskie is leading his local into what is sure to be a tough month of talks and negotiations. Pusloskie said the local has been presented with heavy demands from Frontier in regards to eliminating job security clauses, changes in contract work and demands for more scheduling flexibility among other issues. The talks have not yet reached the point of discussing economic demands, but Pusloskie expects Frontier to try and make shifts in health care costs to workers as Frontier has done in past bargaining agreements. Local 1170 has been through this before, with the assistance of the national CWA in 1996 they put together a year-long inside campaign which resulted in an agreement that kept their place as the strongest contract in the Frontier system.

This bargaining session will set the tone and be an indicator for other local bargaining sessions that will follow in 2011. It is vital that we show Frontier that we are strong and united as one union and show unyielding support for our brothers and sisters in Local 1170.

Day of Solidarity—January 27th

CWA is planning a national day of solidarity to show we are united with Local 1170 on Thursday, January 27th. We will ask all CWA members to wear signs of solidarity to demonstrate our strength and commitment to a united front Look for more information on this upcoming even soon.

Source: Frontier Frontline Newsletter, January 2011