CWA Targets GOP House Candidates On Outsourcing

National Journal's Influence Alley got the first look at CWA's latest ads:

The Communications Workers of America are up today with ads targeting two Republican House candidates for not supporting union-backed legislation to penalize companies that off-shore call center jobs. 

Republican Rep. Dan Lungren of California and Vernon Parker, an Arizona House candidate, are getting hit in the ads for supporting tax breaks for companies that offshore while a spot for Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop of New York highlights his efforts to keep call center jobs in the U.S.

The 14-day cable ad buy is part of a larger election year campaign to ensure voters are aware of bills that would protect American consumers and punish corporations that send good call center jobs overseas.

Take a look.

Tim Bishop, NY-01

Dan Lungren, CA-03

Vernon Parker, AZ-09