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CWA TV Ad Says Bringing Good Jobs Back is the Path to Economic Recovery

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Washington, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America has a message for Democrats and Republicans: “Bringing good jobs back is the beginning of an economic recovery.”

CWA is airing the 30 second television ad on the Current TV network starting tonight during coverage of the Republican National Convention. The ad also will run during Current TV coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

The ad features Lois Williams, a tech support customer service representative in Detroit, who says: “My name’s Lois Williams. I’m a customer assistant at AT&T in Detroit. A few years ago I was laid off when thousands of call center jobs like mine were sent overseas. But my union, CWA, worked to bring my job back. And they did it. Customers are happier talking to American representatives. And when AT&T returned to Detroit, other big companies followed. Bringing good jobs back is the beginning of an economic recovery for Detroit and for America. I’m living proof.”

CWA is working with House and Senate sponsors of legislation to bring back tech support and call center jobs. It’s the only way we’ll have an economic recovery.

Watch the ad here:


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