CWAers Across the Country Rally Against Verizon Greed

Across the country, CWA members turned out for the National Day of Solidarity for Verizon Workers, joined by union, progressive and community allies at hundreds of rallies and events.

March 22 became the unofficial kickoff to 99 percent spring/challenging corporate power, when union members and others will again join forces in actions to gain economic justice. At many rallies today, unions across the labor movement joined each other's fights, with support from progressive and community activists who know what's at stake.

Newspaper Ad_Support VZ Workers

This ad, showing the support of hundreds of national and local educators and faith and community leaders, ran in major newspapers today.

As the CWA newsletter went to press, CWAers and supporters were still going strong at rallies in Long Beach, Calif., Irvine, Tex., Indianapolis, Washington, D.C., New York City, and many other places.

Other locations got an early start; members of CWA Local 2108 rallied beginning at 7 a.m. at the Verizon Silver Spring, Md., facility.

CWAers also leafleted outside Verizon Wireless stores from Seattle to Omaha to Orlando, standing up for Verizon Wireless workers who also are fighting for a fair contract.

"Today, Americans across the country are saying enough is enough with corporate America's race to the bottom. Corporations like Verizon are squeezing the middle-class in an endless push toward low wages and no benefits. Today, we are demanding that the American economy start to work for the 99 percent again, not just for the Verizon top 1 percent," said Ron Collins, CWA chief of staff.

"Companies like Verizon represent all that is wrong with our economy today: billions in profits, millions for executives, and cuts for everyone else. Today's Day of Action is about more than the 45,000 Verizon workers still without a contract, this fight is about the future of the middle class itself."

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