CWAers Rally on May Day for Workers' Rights, Immigration Reform


CWA local 9423 leads a May Day march in San Jose, Calif.


CWA members and allies in Richmond stand up for workers' rights and real immigration reform.


May Day march in Chicago.


CWAers march with California's Orange County Labor Federation for 11 million aspiring citizens.


Across the country, union members joined with people of faith, immigrant families and community activists on May Day to stand up for commonsense immigration reform. May 1 is the day that working people around the world celebrate and demonstrate for workers' rights. It's a recognized holiday in more than 80 countries.

In Richmond, Va., about 100 activists, including members of CWA Local 2201 and other unions, Casa in Action and other groups, rallied at Monroe Park, then marched to the headquarters of the Republican Party of Virginia to make sure their message was heard loud and clear. Activists reminded the Virginia congressional delegations that supporting comprehensive immigration reform was the right thing to do, both for immigrant families and the state's economy.

CWAers also joined events in Phoenix, Lynn, Mass., Chicago, Santa Fe, N.M., and other communities. Check out the photos.