CWAers "Smash the TPP"

CWA activists joined trade justice advocates for a cross-border action against the Trans Pacific Partnership, an enormous trade deal that amounts to “NAFTA on steroids.”

More than 200 people rallied at Peace Arch Park, which straddles British Columbia and Washington State, last Saturday to bring attention to the latest round of trade of closed-door talks in Auckland, New Zealand. More than 600 major corporations have had access to all stages of the negotiations, while the public and Congress have had zero input. At stake are good American jobs, environmental standards and consumer rights. 

The rally included labor leaders, family farmers, immigration reformers, public health advocates, environmentalists, students, small businesses and more. Watch demonstrators “smash the TPP” in this video from the TPP X Border rally.

These activists are gaining support. This week 23 senators sent a letter to President Barack Obama outlining their concerns with the proposed trade treaty, urging him to include in any agreement, specific provisions that protect American jobs.

“It should be crafted to maximize good job creation and market expansion while minimizing the incentives for further off-shoring of middle class jobs,” they wrote.

Read the full text here: Letter to President Obama