CWAers Take Fair Contract Fight to Verizon Board Members

Verizon Rally photo by Jesse Brown

CWA activists and allies turned out in Philadelphia during the last Verizon Day of Action. There will be nearly 300 events across the country on June 22.

(Photo by Jesse Brown)

CWA activists, Jobs with Justice members and 99% Power allies are ready for tomorrow's Verizon Day of Action. There will be a lot of new actions that send a message, not only to Verizon executives, but to members of its board of directors, that workers deserve a fair contract, not more corporate greed.

Board members get a cool $230,000 just for serving on Verizon's board. That's more than three top technicians who provide quality service to customers earn.

CWA activists are reminding these board members that they share in the responsibility to make sure that Verizon negotiates fairly with workers instead of demanding $10,000 a year from each worker in compensation cuts.

These are just the start of more actions aimed at members of Verizon's board, so stay tuned and join an action in your community. Read more at