Flight Attendants Reach Tentative Agreement with American Eagle

After months of negotiations through a difficult bankruptcy, American Eagle Flight Attendants last week reached a tentative agreement for a new contract

“Our AFA negotiations team has worked tirelessly to mitigate very onerous concessionary demands by management. Over the past four months, we have been able to stave off drastic concessions which would have decimated the pay and work rules of American Eagle Flight Attendants,” said Robert Barrow, AFA American Eagle President. “This is certainly not the agreement we were negotiating prior to the bankruptcy, nor does it accurately reflect the vast contributions American Eagle Flight Attendants make to our carrier each day. However, this agreement blunts management’s most onerous demands, gives us the opportunity to decide for ourselves how to move forward, and provides a foundation for the future.”

The settlement contains no pay cuts or freezes, as demanded by the company. Since AMR Corporation, parent company of American Eagle and American Airlines, filed for bankruptcy protection last November, management has tried to make severe cuts in workers’ compensation. At American, management is demanding 20 percent cuts in compensation from every union workgroup.