Help Hurricane Sandy Victims Through CWA's Disaster Relief Fund

Thousands of CWA members are still without homes, electricity or suffering other hardships in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. But help is on the way.

CWA's Disaster Relief Fund is one resource to assist members who experience a financial hardship due to a natural disaster as declared by FEMA. The Fund may provide the member with a subsidy based on their essential losses associated with their primary home, and applications can be requested through your CWA Staff Representative.

CWA is also setting up another fund that would assist our sisters and brothers who have suffered losses or hardships in ways other than to their primary home. Donations can be made out and mailed to:

CWA Disaster Relief — Hurricane Sandy Fund
Secretary-Treasurer's Office
501 3rd St, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Verizon technicians are still working round-the-clock to restore voice, Internet and TV services in New Jersey and New York. More than 1,200 employees around the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are working to make repairs across the storm-wracked states. Click here to watch a video about Maryland Verizon technicians who joined repair crews in New Jersey.

About 11,000 AT&T engineers have been working 10-12 hour days for two straight weeks to restore service to the region, according to CNN. In New York City, the company rolled out temporary "Cells on Wheels" at food distribution centers, so that people could charge their phones and make calls.