Joe Beirne Scholarship Winners Named

Fifteen partial college scholarships of $3,000 each were offered for the 2012-2013 academic year. Winners were selected in a lottery drawing and also will receive second-year scholarships for the same amount if they meet satisfactory academic standards. Part-time students taking fewer than 12 credits will receive half the scholarship amount.

CWA members and their spouses, children and grandchildren, including those of retired or deceased members, are eligible for the scholarship. CWA established the Joe Beirne Foundation in October 1974 to honor CWA’s founding president and his commitment to education.

First year winners are:

  • Kelli Williams, daughter of Claudia Williams of Local 1084.
  • Darius Gonzalez, son of Emilio Gonzalez, Local 1107.
  • Elizabeth Palena, daughter of Ilene Palena, Local 1039
  • May Chang, daughter of Helen Nan, Local 1032
  • Anna Fazzini, daughter of Lisa Fazzini, Local 13000
  • John Hughes, son of John Hughes, Local 2336
  • Chelsey Robinson, daughter of Becky Robinson, Local 3310
  • Nicholas Bernier, son of Raymond Bernier, Local 3250
  • Dylan Moore, son of Jerald Moore, Local 4671
  • Parker Van Riper, daughter of DeAnne Van Riper, Local 24008
  • Ethan Pollock, son of Earl Pollock, Local 6016
  • Michelle Garcia, daughter of Norma Garcia, Local 6143
  • Kayla Ellis, daughter of Lori Ellis, Local 7901
  • Angela Brouqua, daughter of Richard Brouqua, Local 9421
  • Charles Grigsby, grandson of Lynn Ludlow, Local 39521

Second-year scholarship winners are:

  • Kevin Poretti, son of Victor Poretti, Local 1036
  • Alisha Harron, daughter of William Harron, Local 1031
  • Patricia Apple, daughter of Dwayne Apple, Local 1170
  • Keith Dolan, son of George Dolan, Local 1120
  • Christopher Lightly, Jr., son of Tiffany Gladden, Local 2108
  • Javier Jesus Castro, son of Roberto Castro, Local 3121
  • Tegan George, daughter of Nicholas George, Local 3611
  • Leah Espinoza, daughter of Michelle Espinoza, Local 4108
  • Brendan O’Malley, son of Michael O’Malley, Local 34001
  • Heather Karlin, daughter of Gary Karlin, Local 6407
  • Colleen Bonner, member, Local 6186
  • Travis Beck, son of Randy Beck, Local 87140
  • Monica Alvarado, daughter of Jose Alvarado, Local 9509
  • Isabella Ross, daughter of Andrew Ross, Local 39521
  • Jessica James, daughter of John James, Local 13301