JwJ Voters Name Cold-Hearted McConnell 'Scrooge of the Year'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was the meanest of the mean in 2010, say online voters in the annual Jobs with Justice “Scrooge of the Year” contest.

McConnell declared that preventing President Obama from being re-elected is his most important agenda item, more important than rebuilding the economy, putting Americans back to work, providing health care to ailing 9/11 responders or anything else that working families might look for.

“McConnell could have shown great leadership to support people in need at a time when so many are struggling, but this Scrooge doesn’t care about governing or making this country a better place to live,” JwJ said. “McConnell’s goal is to do whatever is necessary to hoard power for himself and his party.”

The JwJ chapter in Kentucky plans to deliver the Scrooge of the Year award in person to McConnell’s office in Louisville.

McConnell got 42 percent of the thousands of votes cast over the past several weeks. The health insurance and pharmaceutical industry, with its focus on profits at the expense of patients, was first runner-up with 22 percent of the vote. Read more at