Local 1400 Activists Running for State Legislature Seats

Three CWA activists, all members of Local 1400, are working hard to be elected to state legislatures in New England.

Jim White, a shop steward in Local 1400 is running as the Democratic Party candidate for the Massachusetts House of Representatives 2nd District.

Mike O’Day, a Local 1400 vice president, is running as the Progressive Party’s candidate for the Vermont House for Franklin County.

In New Hampshire, Felicia Augevich, also a Local 1400 vice president, is running as the Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives 10th District.

Electing leaders like these to public office, at every level and every state, is the best way to make certain that the voices of working people are heard, and respected.

O’Day and Augevich were leaders in CWA’s “Stop the Sale” campaign that challenged Verizon’s disastrous plan to sell landlines in northern New England and have continued the fight against telecom deregulation that harms consumers and workers.

White is a longtime community activist and a strong member in the fight for a fair contact at Verizon.

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