March 22 Was a Warm-Up to Shareholder Spring

Local 1109 - Pig

A giant corporate pig helps members of CWA 1109 demonstrate against the 1 percent and corporate greed.

Local 6215 - Verizon Wireless

In Irvine, Tex., CWAers from Local 6215 rally against verigreedy Verizon.

March 22 - Verizon Informational Picket - NYC

More than a thousand CWA members in New York City rally outside Verizon's corporate headquarters. For a video of this rally, click the photo.

March 22 was a great day of rallies and leafleting across the country, with CWA members joined by members of many different unions, Jobs with Justice, Occupiers and other supporters. Check out this terrific slide show.

And mark your calendar for May 3, Verizon's annual meeting. They'll be lots of actions and events that day. Stay tuned to for updates.