Mobilization in High Gear at AT&T

Locals 4050 and 4090 - Detroit

CWA activists from Locals 4050 and 4090 hold a candlelight vigil outside AT&T's headquarters in Detroit as the contract expired at midnight.

Local 9510

SEIU families join members of CWA Local 9510 at a rally for a fair contract.

Local 9431

Members of Local 9431 standing strong for the American Dream at AT&T.

As AT&T contract negotiations go into overtime, so has mobilization by CWA members.

CWA members have a lot of creative mobilization actions underway to support their bargaining teams and to stand up for the American Dream of good jobs and good benefits.

In District 9, every Friday has been declared "WTF" (Where's the Fairness) Day. More than 3,000 D4 activists joined a telephone union hall call this week to hear the latest on the fight to hold on to the American Dream. Technologies and Telecommunications members are standing up at call centers, walking through buildings with signs calling for a fair contract and marching in to work together.

In D1, members of Local 1298 are joining with Common Cause, Connecticut Working Families and other advocacy groups to call on corporations, including AT&T, to sever ties with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative lobbying group that finances attacks on bargaining rights, voter rights and other measures in state legislatures harmful to workers and citizens. D9 members also are calling for AT&T to drop its support of ALEC.

This week, AT&T CWA activists are headed to 99 Percent Spring training, and will work with progressive activists from community and other organizations to plan actions that will bring about fair contracts.