Movement Building

CWAers recognized for focus on job safety and health; CWA and other activists showed support for Walmart workers; LGBTQ activists stood with T-mobile workers at the Albuquerque Pride Parade.

CWAers Recognized for Focus on Job Safety and Health

The New Jersey based Work Environment Council is honoring Adam Liebtag, president of CWA Local 1036, for the local's work on safety and health.

The Work Environment Council is a membership alliance of labor, environmental, and community organizations working for safe, secure jobs and a healthy, sustainable environment. WEC links workers, communities, and environmentalists through training, technical assistance, grassroots organizing and public policy campaigns to promote dialogue, collaboration, and joint action.

In Oakland, Calif., WORKSAFE is honoring CWA District 9 for its work on protecting people and the environment from toxic hazards. D9 especially is being recognized for its work in winning worker protections in California's first "green chemistry" regulations (following a major campaign to address hazards at the University of California system), and supporting the development of an innovative online toolkit on alternatives to toxic chemicals.

In coalition with unions, workers, scientists, and community, environmental and legal groups, WORKSAFE is dedicated to the elimination of all types of workplace hazards and works for protective worker health and safety laws and effective remedies for injured workers.


This week, CWAers and other activists showed their support for Walmart workers by protesting the company's poor wages and working conditions nationwide in advance of the Walmart annual meeting.

CWA members from Dallas to New York to southern California joined rallies and demonstrations to protest the low wages, poor working conditions and retaliation for supporting a union voice at Walmart. Walmart workers went on strike at some 20 locations.


Members of CWA Locals 1101, 1102 and 1180 show their support for Walmart strikers at an action in New York City.


In Dallas, members of CWA Local 6201 and American Airlines activists join Walmart workers in demanding fair wages.


In southern California, CWAers are in the house, joining Walmart protesters.


At the Pride Parade in Albuquerque, LGBTQ activists and students stood with T-Mobile workers who are fighting for fairness at the company. T-Mobile was a sponsor of the parade, but that made activists even more determined to focus public attention on T-Mobile's attack on workers' rights.


In Albuquerque, CWAers and LGBTQ activists call for workers' rights at T-Mobile.


Keke, the son of fired T-Mobile worker and TU activist Amber Diaz, looks for fairness for his mother.