New CWA, TWU Voice is 850,000 Strong

TWU-CWA Meeting 2-21-12

CWA President Larry Cohen and TWU President Jim Little, left, sign a new partnership agreement between the unions. Looking on are, from left, TWU Secy.-Treas. Paul Gordon, TWU Exec. Vice Pres. Harry Lombardo, and CWA Secy.-Treas. Annie Hill.

CWA and the Transport Workers International Union signed an affiliation agreement that means new opportunities in organizing and mobilizing with the combined strength of 850,000 members.

In a letter to all TWU and CWA locals today, Presidents Jim Little and Larry Cohen said the new partnership "will enhance our capacity to improve the job security, working conditions and bargaining power of our members" and will help us build a strong progressive movement for change in this country.

"Members of our unions often live and work in the same communities. Some of us share the same employers. This alliance will build on those synergies, allowing us to take on strategic campaigns and win," they wrote.

Through this alliance, the two unions will launch joint projects, share information and look for more opportunities to work together.

Locals are encouraged to get involved in strengthening the alliance and working together in their communities.