New Jersey Childcare Workers Join CWA

CWA Local 1039 won an election last Friday to represent 20 workers at a New Jersey childcare center.

Workers at the Trenton-based Capital Child Care voted 14 to 4 for CWA. Employees are now striving to curb management's bad behaviors, such as fudging time sheets to avoid paying overtime, and will advocate for improvements to their workplace and level of care.

"In spite of an aggressive anti-union campaign by a boss who committed numerous unfair labor practices, workers stuck together and remained public in support for CWA throughout the campaign," reported District 1 Organizing Coordinator Anne Luck-Deak.

Workers first approached the Local — located right across the street from the center — in December and started holding informational and committee meetings. Demanding recognition, they presented their boss a mission statement signed by all the workers. When he refused, CWA filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board.

Local 1039 President Lionel Leach, along with staffers Michelle Franklin and Carol Thomas, aided the campaign. The victory has already encouraged the local to explore organizing other childcare centers in the area.