No TPP, No Fast Track


CWA Research Economist Ken Peres (left) speaks at the rally.

When lead negotiators gathered in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative last Friday to discuss the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, they were met by a loud crowd of activists. "No TPP and no fast track!" they chanted.

CWA joined a number of organizations – including Citizens Trade Campaign, Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Earth First, Flush the TPP and more – to protest the massive trade deal that could undermine U.S. jobs, workers' rights, environmental regulations and consumer protections. Activists let the negotiators know that they will be holding them accountable and pushing Congress to vote down "fast track," which would limit Congress's consideration of this dangerous trade agreement to an up-or-down vote without amendments.

"Remember, they want to put our workers in competition with countries like Vietnam, who have a minimum wage of $2.23, that's not an hour...for a full day's work," said CWA research economist Kenneth Peres, speaking at the rally.

Read Roll Call's story about the rally here.

And check out AlterNet's photos and video of the activists unfurling banners over the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative reading, "Corporate Coup Against the People and Planet," "Democracy, Not Corporatocracy" and "Transparency: Release the Text."

CWA President Larry Cohen also recently appeared on The Ed Show on MSNBC to talk about the TPP. He said:

We need to say to Congress no fast track. To date, no citizen groups have been involved to any extent in this Trans-Pacific Partnership. It's a race to the bottom. We need a race to the top. And that's where we stand.

Watch the full segment here.

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