NY Retirees Protest Congresswoman's Medicare, Social Security Votes

Jeanette Spoor

Fighting to save Medicare and Social Security, Jeanette Spoor, president of Local 1103's Retired Member Council, helps lead a July 21 protest against Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.).

Somers NY Rally

Several CWA retirees got a jump start on August Accountability Month, joining a coalition of activists last week at the office of a New York congresswoman who voted for the Paul Ryan budget and its attacks on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Some of the activists arrived at Rep. Nan Hayworth's office in Somers in a caravan of vehicles that was making the rounds of seven members of Congress who voted for the devastating cuts.

"No greater threat faces us today than cuts to these essential programs," Jeanette Spoor, president of the CWA Local 1103 Retired Members' Council, told the crowd. "Cuts to Social Security benefits could deny us the money we may need to pay for essentials such as groceries, utilities, and prescription drugs. We could be devastated by cuts to Medicare that could force us to pay higher insurance premiums and co-pays, and threaten our choice of doctors and hospitals."

Decrying the use of the word "entitlements" for the hard-earned benefits, Spoor recalled how every paycheck during her 30 years at Verizon included deductions for Social Security and Medicare. "They make it sound like those who depend on these programs are taking something for nothing at the expense of other Americans," she said.

Like thousands of CWA members and retirees nationwide, Spoor is gearing up to do even more battle in August, as members of Congress return to their home districts for several weeks.

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