Orange Contract Negotiations about to Begin

Orange Contract Negotiations about to Begin, And Just What The Heck Does that Mean Anyway?
We, the employees of AT&T Wireless of certain states, have a contract with the company that influences our working conditions, income and benefits. This contract comes up for renegotiation every few years and is scheduled again for January 22, 2013.

Wait Just a Minute, Who is negotiating for us?
A few months ago we elected a bargaining committee of AT&T Wireless employees from across the country, and representing all workgroups.  They are working with CWA Professionals. These are serious people with hard, important jobs. They need our support.

But, what are we asking for?
A few months ago we circulated a bargaining survey to get input from all employees. Our bargaining team will represent those interests in negotiations. The biggest concerns are wages, job security, time with family and respect on the job.

It seems like the company has all the power.  Why would they give us anything we ask for?
We can make gains in our contract if the management perceives us as valuable to the company AND as having the ability to negatively affect the company. They already know we add value. When they see all of us willing to mobilize together in order to demonstrate our ability to negatively affect the company, they will begin to consider our proposals.

So how do we demonstrate our willingness to mobilize together?
First, make sure everyone at your workplace is a member of the union. Next, participate in all our contract mobilization activities beginning with your Local’s Bargaining Kickoff day event.

Participate in your Local Union’s bargaining kickoff day event!
Ask your Union Steward or call your Local Union office to find out when and where your kickoff event is and then go with your co-workers and have fun. 

When we stick together, act together and have fun, AT&T will get the message.