Organizing Update

University of Akron Workers Vote for CWA

Nearly 400 clerical workers and other support staff at the University of Akron voted for CWA representation this week. CWA now represents about 600 workers at the university, including skilled trade and service staff.

Issues for the staff included increasing workloads, job security, health-care costs, the lack of opportunities for advancement, barriers to job transfers, low starting wages and no way to resolve the issues with management.

CWA Local 4302 President Todd Leyda said negotiations will begin as soon as the vote is certified by the State Employment Relations Board on March 14. "We're very excited for the staff," he said.

Members and stewards from Local 4302 were a big part of the campaign, along with Local 4309 retirees, organizers from United Campus Workers/CWA Local 3865, AFA-CWA members from AFA Council 5 and members of Local 4322 and IUE-CWA Local 84755.

CWA already represents clerical staff at Toledo, Shawnee State and Cleveland State Universities, and at the Ohio State University.


CWA Organizes New York Non-Profit

CWA Local 1180 won an organizing drive at Community Voices Heard.

The vote was 5-1 in favor of the union, with one abstention. The unit of seven members adds to the many non-profit shops CWA Local 1180 has organized in New York City. Staff Representative Ray Laforest led the campaign.