Organizing Updates

Organizing updates from Puerto Rico and Texas.

Puerto Rico



In Puerto Rico, CWA Local 3010's Lizbenet Vazquez and CWA Local 1032's Mickey Santiago recently led a day-long training in Spanish to boost activists' skills and build the San Juan local's capacity to organize. Members from CWA Locals 3010 and 1032 and UPAGRA Local 33225 engaged in role playing to practice talking one-on-one about the union, as well as assess, mobilize and move workers to action. Participants also watched anti-union videos and discussed the best ways to combat employers' campaigns against workers fighting to organize. As part of the training, each participant will spend a day in on-site work, talking with unorganized workers and building support for CWA representation. The local has an active organizing committee whose members frequently engage in campaigns.





TSEU, CWA Local 6186, has launched a 10-week organizing blitz in public services eligibility determination and long term care offices around the state. The goal: to build membership to better advocate for worker and client issues: increased staffing levels, an across-the-board pay raise, and stopping lay-offs and privatization.