Passenger Service Employees on Schedule For US Airways Contract Talks

US Airways passenger service professionals are moving forward for a new contract.

In the weeks that followed their Sept. 29 vote to join CWA, organizing committee members compiled a membership survey that was distributed beginning Oct. 13 to interested employees. The survey has helped them determine workplace and bargaining priorities, with job security, salary, retirement security and paid days off/vacation topping the list of concerns.

Over this same period, the passenger service group elected a 50-person bargaining council from among the more than 180 persons who nominated themselves to participate. This group met on Nov. 15 and 16 at CWA headquarters in Washington, D.C. to review the results of the survey, debate and discuss the issues and reach a consensus around bargaining priorities. The group established several subcommittees to take up part-time, city ticket office, club, airport and reservations workplace issues.

The passenger service group set up a mobilization plan, with a structure to be in place at every worksite by early December. One-on-one contacts will focus on informing and engaging members in the bargaining process.

The bargaining council elected a four-person bargaining team - Jeff Dewar, Charlotte, N.C.; Josie Esposito, San Diego Reservations; Chris Fox, Pittsburgh Reservations; and Tim Yost, Pittsburgh. The team, along with CWA representatives, will meet with US Airways management in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 9 and 10.