Portland TNG-CWAers Add Video Editing to Their Skill Set

At Maine's Portland Press, 10 reporters, photographers and other workers have taken advantage of video editing courses provided through the CWA/NETT Academy and paid for by TNG-CWA.

The goal is to help members build skills that make them indispensable to their employers, and give them opportunities for promotion. "The companies invest in the technology and we help invest in the people," said Kevin Celata, CWA's training administrator.

Management early on questioned, "What does the union get out of it?" But the company came on board and now can expand its use of online videos in the paper's news coverage.

"Everyone loved it. They all felt confident at the end of the week that they could take video clips that someone shot on a camera or phone and produce a piece out of it, and that's exactly what the company was looking for," said Greg Rec, a photographer and TNG-CWA member who helped coordinate the program.

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