Workers Stand for America Rally

Tens of thousands of workers will unite next month in Philadelphia — the birthplace of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights — to demand economic freedom and opportunity for all.

Activities kick off Friday night, Aug. 10, at Independence Hall, where national labor leaders will be signing the Second Bill of Rights. Inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt's proposed 1944 economic bill of rights, union leaders drafted five planks: the right to full employment and a living wage; the right to full participation in the electoral process; the right to a voice at work; the right to a quality education; and the right to a secure, healthy future.

The following morning, Aug. 11, thousands of CWA and IBEW activists and allies will rally in front of Verizon's local headquarters in support of the 45,000 Verizon workers who continue to fight for a fair contract.

Activists will then march to Eakins Oval, a large park in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where they'll join the main event: a rally for working families. Timed to preempt both the Democratic and Republican national conventions, the "Workers Stand for America" event aims to be a conversation changer, redirecting partisan squabbling toward a serious discussion on restoring the American dream for the next generation.

In the coming days, CWA will be encouraging its allies and politicians on both sides of the aisle to attend the rally and sign the Second Bill of Rights.

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