T-Mobile's Foul-Mouthed, Trash-talking CEO John Legere at it Again

Last week T-Mobile US unveiled a promotion to drum up more customers, but it had some people wondering about the company's questionable taste. Then John Legere, the carrier's chief executive, chose to escalate things by comparing the corporate strategy of rival carriers to rape.

The hyper-sexualized promotion invites the public to have a "7NightStand" with T-Mobile.

Start your relationship with T-Mobile and take the #7NightStand Challenge. The more you confess your cheating ways the better your chances are at getting lucky and winning prizes like a seven day romantic getaway for two!

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Legere then took the podium at a company event and compared the prices of rivals AT&T and Verizon to rape: "These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have, if they could do something nice for you they would...The fu**ers hate you."

Legere says he speaks the way he does to connect with his employees and customers. He told Business Insider: "I may be a little rough and crude, but I'm much more like my customers and employees than I am an executive. I think employees relate to the way I speak, customers relate to exactly the way I think and talk. And it's who I am."

Many industry analysts and writers are now saying "his act is wearing thin."

The fraternity house environment of T-Mobile's executive offices – T-Mobile has no women in senior leadership and just one woman on the corporate board – lends itself to sexist advertising.