Tell the NBA: Don't Reward Union Busters!




Cablevision-Optimum workers in Brooklyn, members of CWA Local 1109, are building a lot of community support throughout New York City in their fight for a fair contract. Now, supporters are calling on the NBA to make sure it doesn't reward the bad behavior of Cablevision CEO James Dolan by scheduling the 2015 All-Star Game at the Dolan-owned Madison Square Garden.

NBA players know that their union provides important protections on the job, as does the National Basketball Referees' Association.

But Cablevision doesn't want to play ball.

Cablevision-Optimum has done everything from illegally locking out and firing 22 workers, who now are back at work, to refusing to negotiate a fair contract.

The NBA shouldn't reward Dolan's attack on workers who only want a fair contract. As long as Dolan refuses to negotiate a fair contract, the NBA should decide to schedule next year's All-Star Game at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, not the Dolan-owned Madison Square Garden.

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