TPP Update

Democratic Caucus standing tough; new CWA app builds crowd for Iowa TPP teach-in.

Democratic Caucus Standing Tough

On the Ed show, President Cohen and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) discussed how Democratic House members are standing together to oppose fast track approval for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and to push for a trade agreement that gives labor, environmental and other standards that affect workers and communities the same force of law that investor and intellectual property rights provisions have.

Watch here.


New CWA App Builds Crowd for Iowa TPP Teach-In

CWAers built a great crowd for a TPP "teach-in" in Des Moines, Iowa, using the new CWA app. About 65 people joined the discussion that focused on how to get the word out about just how bad TPP is for workers, jobs and communities.

Steve Abbott, president of the CWA Iowa Council, said that participants committed to contacting their members of Congress and writing letters to the editor to their local newspapers, to spread the word.

Abbott and other Iowa CWAers will hold more TPP teach-ins and events at the Iowa AFL-CIO convention and in other locations.

Also joining the event were community partners from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and other allies; following the teach-in they talked strategy for building the broad coalition of grassroots activists needed to win social change.