Verizon owes success to its union workers | The News Journal

I am distressed by the corporate greed that exists in this country but in particular by Verizon.

Here is a company that makes billions in profits through the efforts of hard-working union members and refuses to bargain with them for a fair contract.

They want what amounts to about $20,000 in cuts per member by crying poor mouth.

Verizon is not Wisconsin. It is not broke.

Verizon's blatant attempt at union busting must be stopped, and the public should know this work stoppage is not about more of anything - they want to keep what was fought hard for and negotiated over 50 years to get.

Many supporters have encouraged the picketers. The vandalism reported by Verizon is bogus. If they would spend their energy in bargaining with the union perhaps this nonsense would not be an issue.

Patti Sexton