Votes to Be Counted at GE Plant in Iowa

General Electric workers at an Iowa switchgear plant voted in early April on IUE-CWA representation.

Soon, they'll finally learn the results of that vote, as the National Labor Relations Board ordered the votes to be counted.

The NLRB had impounded the ballots as GE contested the election to block the NLRB's determination about the make-up of the bargaining unit.

The board had determined that the voting unit should include 170 workers from seven departments (materials, fabrication, assembly, quality, facilities, environmental health and safety, and lean manufacturing) at the West Burlington factory. GE wanted to pad the unit with 27 more workers.

Just two years ago, the company threatened to close the plant, but production and maintenance workers agreed to drastic pay cuts to keep it running. Then, as an added incentive to stay, GE received thousands of dollars in financial support from local governments.

The workers' goals include a competitiveness and job growth committee that will work with the company on bringing new products and new jobs to the plant, and a health and safety committee.